Welcome to the "Other" Black Experience

A Subaltern Aesthetic

Welcome to my online Portfolio! Please enjoy my short film titled, Out of the Box and scroll to see my most recent works. Scripts will be updated pending availability.


Out Of The Box

5 min. Animated Short (See Above)

- 2019 Florence Film Festival's 'Best Short Film"

- 2019 Changing Face International Film Festival Winner of "Best Short Film"

Manifested from the psyche of a young man's nightmare, a contemporary allegory of the black experience in America reflects feelings of apprehension and isolation in an all white social environment.


In The Name Of...

Drama/Horror Feature Length Script

A young, anxious Black man struggles with the obligations of postgrad after returning to his estranged rural hometown, discovering the haunting condition of his lonely mother and forgotten, high-school lover.


Untitled "Angry Black Man" Script

Drama/Psychological Feature Length Script

 A reserved Black college student struggles with repressed trauma after returning from his estranged mother's funeral and seeks comfort in an ongoing affair with his Professor, but finds himself committed to a mental institution after receiving a mysterious and frightening voicemail.


Fellowship of the Misery

Drama/Sports Feature Length Script

An orphaned, resilient Black teen’s warped perspective on love propels him into the world of College athletics where he strives to prove his own self worth on the field by any means necessary.