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Article: "The Power of Unlearning"

"Unlearning means stripping away the beliefs and ways to act/behave/live that have been imposed by our upbringing, by our education, by the society we live in. It means challenging everything we've come to know as the way things are supposed to be and embracing the way things are. And, more importantly, choosing what things resonate and don't resonate with me."

~Mariana Plata

At just twenty-six years old, I am already astounded from the extensive junctures through life that have called for a change in perspective. Change in general implies leaving a place of comfort, whether that place be tangible or a distinctive mindset, and becoming vulnerable to outside influences that may or may not have your best interests at heart; needless to say, welcoming on such a terrifying tendency is not particularly alluring to those who believe that they are perfectly content.

Change is however ultimately inevitable; the very process of living demands it. At every juncture we will have learned something new, both about ourselves and the environment we are present in. Whether we actively encourage a change of perspective or not, there will come a point in time when what is required of you will contradict who you currently are, and the sooner I personally came to making peace with this fact of reality, the easier it became to unlearn aspects of my internal frame of reference.

This article titled "The Power of Unlearning" I discovered earlier this year accurately describes the benefits of Unlearning while also debunking the stigma around the technique for those who were already familiar. It is not immoral to have moments in life wherein you find yourself, again and again, at the crossroads of contradiction. Allowing ourselves to be open to information from different perspectives can create healthy and undiscovered ways for our minds to align with the lives we want to live. It is, as with any act towards progression, arduous and even frightening at times, but everyone is capable of doing it--dare I say--better for it. You will not always be completely certain of your own reflection's stance on a certain matter, but in your eyes you will be able to see everything.

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